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    Kai Panducorn Music Videos!

    Kai loves to sing and dance!

    This is Kai's first music video!  Let us know what you think!  

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    About the Panducorn Magical World

    Our Why

    Kai Can Do is a whimsical story of being lost in technology. Kai spends too much time on his Mypad. He misses out on all the fun things around him. He learns the importance of spending time with friends and family. Join Kai and his friends on a magical adventure!

    Magical living is always within reach, and that is especially true for children. The thing is, children look to us for guidance and direction, and it is our responsibility to teach them what they need to know to make the most out of their days. This is the mission behind the Kai Panducorn series: to empower children to live magical lives.

    Featuring a line of stories and toys, Kai Panducorn is all about teaching lessons regarding the feelings that can sometimes seem to get in between us and the wonder that is our birthright. In the first book, for instance, Kai Panducorn learns how important it is to balance screen time, cultivate good habits, and spend time with friends and family. Although the series will cover such tough topics as fear, loneliness, unworthiness, and low self-worth, it will be decidedly positive and uplifting, teaching lessons such as:
    * I Am Unique
    * I Am Loving
    * I Am Valuable
    * I Am Connected
    * I Am Adaptable
    * I Am Magical
    and I Am Capable (among others) 

    Thank you for creating more rainbows and sunshine in the world by supporting this magical message!