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With the advent of technology our lives have certainly become easier and more convenient. Even kids are familiar with technology from a very young age thanks to baby laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. But in this fast-paced world of technology, kids are slowly losing out on the simple joys of childhood such as playing in a park with friends, painting in a coloring book, fun board games, and so on.

 A huge problem to contend with…

 This somewhat disturbing truth is represented via Kai Panducorn - a cute panda living in the land of rainbows and shine with his father Chi Panda and mother Dreamstar Unicorn. While he loves hanging out with his friends like Kenzo Tiger and Mojo Monkey, but the moment he gets a Mypad, he begins ignoring birthday parties, building sandcastles on the beach, frolicking in the snow, going to the park, and even stops spending time with parents. When his Mypad breaks, he realizes exactly what he has been missing out on, and rectifies the problem by helping his mother around the house, meditating with dad, and playing with friends.

 This is an upsetting problem faced by parents these days, when their child is so engrossed in watching TV or playing games on a laptop that they are unable to experience genuine happiness as mentioned above. The virtual world appeals to them so much they actually forget the real world exists. And thanks to the hundreds of apps, games, and other stuff online, children stay glued to electronic devices for hours.

 Follow the path of Kai

 Why not take inspiration from Kai, and get a cool coloring book with panda and unicorn images? These books contain fun and enjoyable themes that are structured so kids can exercise their imagination and fill the pages with color. Check out the unicorn drawings, unicorn cookies, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn cakes and much more. Unicorn coloring is very popular among children as these mystical creatures have an element of mystery surrounding their existence. Since Kai is a child of a panda and unicorn, he has powers of both species, so give your child a bonus and gift them with a panda coloring book too. You can get your kid a unicorn slime kit as well.

 Kai Pandicorn not only ensures that children don’t waste hours sitting in front of the idiot box or play continuously on tablets, but strengthens the bond between parent and child too.  Read the book together, and focus on the life lessons depicted through Kai and his interaction with loved ones. These activities guarantee those much-needed breaks from technology, so your kid won’t be tempted to pick up a tablet or sit in front of the TV whenever they have leisure time.

 At the end of the book is a small exercise that motivates kids to help mom and dad around the home, and also have a great time spotting the different rainbow images inside. Experiencing rainbows of life as a family is extremely important, so time to sit up and pay attention!

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