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Your life transforms completely once you have kids. There is no doubt in the fact that children are a blessing however once you have kids your life becomes more challenging yet colorful.  There is nothing worse than parents having to go through the pain of their child however it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to make their children strong enough to tolerate everything that the world throws at them. One of the most common issues faced by children is that of fear. Almost all people experience fear when they are little.  They might experience fear due to many different reasons and it all falls on the parents’ shoulders to help their child tackle their fears.

Separation Anxiety

Kids can feel fear due to many different reasons. One very common reason of fear amongst kids is separation anxiety. It is very common in toddlers.  If you don’t know what we are talking about, ask someone who has a toddler crawling around their home. They would tell you that leaving the room for a split second will make the baby tense and scared. This is due to the fact that babies are attached to their parents and when they can’t see any of their parents they feel separation anxiety which eventually turns to fear. In order to save your kid from feeling this way try to take your kid along with you to the other room or make sure that one of the parent stays with the kid at all times.

Try To Make Them Cope With New Faces

Little children can identify their parents and other closed ones that they see on a regular basis. This is why most kids start crying when they meet someone new for the very first time. It is the responsibility of the parents to familiarize their kid with other family members.  If any of the uncles or aunts can visit regularly, have their picture up on the wall so that the kid does not feel scared once he/she sees them in real life.

Lower The Use Of Scary Images

One of the most common reasons for fear amongst kids is scary images and videos. If you have any scary image or scenery hanging in your house, take it off. Try not to watch horror movies or shows while your kid is in the room. It should be noted that little kids are more prone to feeling scared of scary movies so try to avoid them when you are with your kids.

Comfort Them

Always comfort your kids when they feel scared. Try asking questions that would tell you the reason of their fear. Once you know the reason try to turn it into a fun and cheerful things so that the child can start feeling good instead of getting scared.  Always comfort them and try to make them feel better.


Fear amongst children is very common so it shouldn’t be a point of worry for the parents. However if your kid is experiencing continuous fear then as a parent you should try to help your kid cope with the fear.  Be patient; don’t be too quick to make your kid face his/her fears. Try to help them out but give them time so that they can overcome their fears in a natural way.

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