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  1. A more inspired, creative you!

            We all know that drawing and painting is an awesome creative pastime. But did you  The creativity that putting colors to paper inspires is absolutely unmatched. It offers a fun, colorful, and magical way to be creative in your everyday life. There is no right or wrong way to color - just light, bold, fun artistic freedom.

            Think about this: no two coloring pages can ever be the same. Every time you complete a unicorn drawing of your own, you are making a unique, awesome work of art that no one has ever seen before! So, pick up your crayons. You are an artist!

The Top 10 Benefits of Unicorn Coloring Books

  1. De-stress, re-energize

            One amazing perk about coloring is that it has been scientifically proven to help you relax. It is creative (as we mentioned above!), and free of all the barriers you may feel at school, at work, or in your daily life. It’s all fun when you color — there is no pressure to do, say, or feel the right thing. The creative freedom of that has positive impacts on the mind — allowing a therapeutic release of serotonin, and a whole lot of smiles.


  1. Believe in magic

            One thing is for sure. Magic is real. And coloring unicorn pages is a great way to help remind us of that fact. When you color the unicorns you see in your mind, you can be transported into the world of make-believe: where fairies dance and fly, stars make wishes come true, mermaids swim in the seas, and kids never have to grow up.

            All of us at Kai Panducorn are big believers in magic, dreams, and in you. So dream big, dream fun, and color on!


  1. Learn about art

            Coloring can be a great way to learn more about art, and understand the world around you. Each animal, each plant, each landscape you color is not only a chance to have fun, but a chance to learn new things! You may discover a flower you’ve never seen before, or learn more about animal anatomy. Whatever the case, we can guarantee you’ll have a great time learning and exploring the world you live in — all just by coloring inside the lines!


  1. Express yourself!

            You rock — exactly as you are! A great way to express your amazing inner mind is by drawing the world as you see it. Do you think clouds should be purple? That a unicorn’s mane should be bright green? Or that the sky should be rainbow?

            We think that’s awesome. Show off the cool, fun, weird, and quirky colors that make you, you. We can’t wait to see the things you create by coloring - and the super cool way in which you see the world around you!

The Top 10 Benefits of Unicorn Coloring Books

  1. New knowledge of technique and color

            Have you ever dreamed of being a famous artist or painter? Coloring can be a great way to pick up some drawing and art technique skills. You’ll find that just by coloring unicorns, familiarizing yourself with the way tree trunks and leaves are drawn, you will develop skills over time: skills like, how and when to draw thin lines, heavy lines, which way to curve a mark to make It look most like a paw print. Just by coloring and doing what you love, you can pick up awesome new stuff along the way!


  1. Have fun!

            It’s true - coloring is so much fun! We think this is the best reason to color - because you have a ton of fun while doing it! It is always awesome to do the things you love: that make you smile, and make you feel happy about your day. If you’re not already a huge fan of coloring, you might just find that you love It as much as we do!


  1. Pass the time!

            Bored? Rainy day? Have some time before you have to be somewhere? We think coloring is an awesome way to make your time fly!

            If you have to fill some time, why not do it creatively? In a way that inspires magic?

            Coloring is an easy way to pass the time with little cleanup, and just a ton of fun. Your creativity is inspired, your world can be explored. So, take a break, and get out your markers!

 The Top 10 Benefits of Unicorn Coloring Books

  1. Increase your ability to spot a real life unicorn!

            Unicorns are out there, but they don’t let themselves be seen by just anybody. We’ve found in our studies that unicorns sometimes appear to friendly people who know a lot about them: what they eat, what they look like, and where they live. We think drawing unicorns is a great way to learn more about them — and maybe get the rare chance to pet one in real life!


  1. Expand the horizons of your imagination!

            Just like your mind, your imagination can learn new things every day, too! Challenge your imagination today by coloring something new. Who knows? You might just color outside the lines!

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