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Kai Panducorn has a papa panda and mama unicorn who love him, along with friends who do fun activities like climbing trees, baking cupcakes, and meditating. But Kai is missing out because he’s always staring into his MyPad!

Can Kai break his MyPad habit so he can enjoy having fun and spending quality time with his friends and family? What can they do to make Kai put the MyPad down and say “Kai can do!” to adventure? Read the story to find out!

With bright colors and a zoo of friends, Kai Can Do! is a story for our time, designed to teach kids that what matters most lies outside the screen.

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"Great book to add to any collection!"

“Kai Can Do” is filled with magic and fun while showing children the importance of not spending too much time on their electronics. Kids need to be reminded of all the fun they can have without constantly engaging with their tablets. It teaches a good lesson in a simple format that any child can understand and relate to. This is a great book to add to any collection! 

- Tara Kong, family counselor and former pre-school teacher


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