Kai and His Magical Bobo (Kai Panducorn Book 2)


Kai Panducorn is very special. You see, he is half-unicorn and half-panda! His parents are special too. His father comes from a warrior panda clan. His mother is one of the important leaders of the unicorn family.

One day, Kai’s mother gives him a soft, new blanket. He loves the blanket and named it Bobo. Bobo is Kai’s new best friend.

Kai is five-years-old. It’s time for Kai to start school. Even his school is special. It’s called Magical Mindfulness School. There, he will learn lessons about life.
Kai is filled with excitement. He is a little nervous too. Actually, he’s a lot nervous. He has never been to school before. When he decides to take Bobo along, he feels braver, though.

Join Kai in his adventure as he experiences all the emotions all children do on their first day of school. What new lessons will he learn? Will he make new friends? Will the children make fun of him for taking Bobo along or will he be in for a big surprise?

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This book will delight your child as he learns all about what first days of school are like. As with all the Kai Panducorn books, “Kai and His Magical Bobo” will enlighten and encourage your youngster. Children are magical. At Panducorn, we are here to help you unleash and embrace that magic.

This book was inspired by a special little boy, who has a rare incurable disease called Friedreich ataxia. He encourages us to stay magical even when it tough to keep smiling through the pain.

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