Panducorn Plushie with Blanket, Book, and Coloring Bundle 3 Gift Set

  • ✔️Attention all Panda and Unicorn Lovers! This set includes a softcover book, Panducorn(Panda/Unicorn) Plush Doll wrapped around a super soft blanket, panda and unicorn 30+ pages coloring book.
  • ✔️AMAZING SET - For the little boys and girls, this gift set will light up their eyes and make their special occasion more magical. A great present for a Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, or Valentines Day.
  • ✔️KAI CAN DO BOOK - The book is about a little half-panda/half-unicorn name Kai, who get lost or distracted in technology and learn the importance of spending time with friends and family. Kai Can Do is a book written and illustrated by Aiki and Kathy. It is 28 pages of full colorful and whimsical images.
  • ✔️PANDUCORN PLUSH DOLL - Made with cotton fur, soft and cuddly with a rainbow heart center and a gold horn. Plush can be tossed in with the laundry for ready washing. At 14 inches tall, Kai Panducorn is the perfect size to fit in a backpack or under a child’s arm during nap time. The attachable hands will hold tight onto the blanket or onto you. SUPER SOFT BLANKET Simply unroll and Kai Panducorn and blanket is ready for nap time. Blanket is 31 inches x 23 inches
  • ✔️PANDA AND UNICORN COLORING BOOK. A collection of 38 full pages of pandas, unicorns, panducorn, and a whole host of friends. Truly a magical journey of fun and creativity.


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