Kai Plushie 14" with Bobo Blanket (Blue or Pink!)


Kai Panducorn’s story already warms your heart and now his blanket can keep you warm too! 

Bobo is the name of Kai’s blanket. Bobo goes with Kai to Grandma Unicorn’s house for sleepovers and in the car for napping during long rides.

The Kai Bobo Blanket features a Kai doll wrapped around a rolled-up blanket. Simply unroll and Kai is naptime ready! 

Kai has long arms for hugging Bobo and once you’re under the blanket, Kai is ready to hug you! 

Blankets come in pink and blue and are perfect for travel, sleepovers, and use around the house. Even adventurous, fun-loving Kai needs his rest. Nap together and he’ll be ready to play as soon as you wake up.

Kai Plush 14" made of 100% cotton fur, with rainbow center heart and gold horn.  The super soft blanket is made 100% and is 31 inches x 23 inches.  Velcro Hands to hold tight onto the blanket.

Tara Kong, family counselor and former pre-school teacher

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