Kai Panducorn 16" Plushie Toy



Now you can take your favorite half panda, half unicorn friend with you wherever you go! 

Kai has put down his MyPad and is ready for adventure. And he wants to have adventures with you! Our Kai Panducorn plushie is always ready for on-the-go fun. He especially loves going to the ice cream shop. Can he get ice cream with you? 

Made with cotton fur, Kai can be tossed in with the laundry for easy washing. Just tell your kid that Kai loves water rides! 

At 16” tall, he’s the perfect size to fit in a backpack with his head poking out or fit under your child’s arm while they nap. Did we mention Kai give great hugs? Lovable, portable Kai is the perfect companion for your little one.


Tara Kong, family counselor and former pre-school teacher

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