Baby Panda Unicorn

"Hello, my name is Kai. I’m a Panducorn. I am 5 years old and live in the Bamboo Forest with my Mama and Daddy. I am cute and cuddly. I love to color on my coloring pages and baking unicorn cakes and cupcakes with my mama." -Kai Panducorn

Kai Panducorn is the half panda, half unicorn brainchild of Kathy and Aiki Tran, a married couple who work together to write and illustrate the Kai Panducorn book series. 

With a love of all things cute, colorful, and 80s vibes, Kai was created to entertain their three sons while teaching them important life lessons. Kai Panducorn is named after the Trans’ youngest boy, whose name is Kai! 

What started out as a fun family story quickly turned into a sensation as more kids and their families wanted to read about Kai and his band of animal friends! 

The Kai Panducorn series is actively being written with the first book, Kai Can Do!, currently out and the second book set to be released in Fall 2019. But you don’t have to wait for the next book to keep hanging out with Kai and friends because there is plenty of Panducorn gear––like pillows, blankets, and plushy dolls––to keep kids busy with their new friend. 

Kai happy panda unicorn


 "Mrs. Kathy loves ice cream just like me. She lives in a faraway place called Texas. She told me I can visit her one day and try something call BBQ." - Kai Panducorn



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