4 Bundle Magical Gift Set - Includes Hardback, coloring book, 2-in-1 pillow blanket, unicorn wrist plushie slap bracelet

This adorable 4 bundle gift set includes:

1. Hardback of Kai Can Do

2. 14" Kai Plush Doll with pink or blue super soft blanket.  Choose which color blanket (Pink or Blue) with your Kai Plush Doll

3. 10" Unicorn Wrist Plushie Slap Bracelet

4. Magical 2-in-1 Pillow Blanket.  Fold into a pillow into a blanket. Dimension: 42 x 55 Inches Blanket, 15 x 15 inches Pillow.  100% cotton and 100% polyester lining


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