Unicorn 10" Wrist Plushie Slap Bracelet


Dreamstar Unicorn loves giving hugs! 

Whenever you need a hug, wrap your Unicorn wrist plushie on your arm. They’re the kindest, most loving bracelets around. 

Because they hang onto you, you can still climb trees, swing on the swingset, and run without worrying about dropping them. Take Dreamstar Unicorn on all your adventures! 

Dreamstar Unicorn attach to your wrist with velcro for easy and safe removal. Perfect for wearing any time, our wrist plushies also double as a mini pillow that’s ideal for car rides or taking quick naps with kids’ heads down on a table or desk. 

Soft and portable, our wrist plushies are the easiest way to take Kai and friends on adventures near and far.

Unicorn Wrist Plushie 10" made of white cotton fur, pink horn,and pink feet.  Easy to wash and dry.  

"Great book to add to any collection!"

“Kai Can Do” is filled with magic and fun while showing children the importance of not spending too much time on their electronics. Kids need to be reminded of all the fun they can have without constantly engaging with their tablets. It teaches a good lesson in a simple format that any child can understand and relate to. This is a great book to add to any collection! 

- Tara Kong, family counselor and former pre-school teacher


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